Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Call for Letters: April 16th Event

We want you to write letters about what your life would look like if you forgave yourself and others. Then, you can either bring them in person to the Hayes Valley Farm (Fell/Laguna), Free Farm (Eddy/Gough) or Growing Home Community Garden (Octavia/Lily) on April 16th for the SF Refresh event or you can email them to

If you email your letter, please let us know if we can post them on the blog (with our without your first name). If you put *confidential* in the memo line, we won't read your letter. We'll simply print it, ensure no part of your letter is visible to others and give it an identification code that we'll send back to you so you can follow what happens to your letter on the blog.

On April 16th we'll be transforming the letters into pots for seedlings that will then be planted into the earth and will eventually compost into the soil. Then, we'll regularly post photos here for you to watch your intentions literally grow.

You're words don't have to be beautiful, mean anything to other people or even be seen by others. The whole point is for you to physically put your intention into the world and have the experience of seeing it physically transform.

Thank you for being a part of this project with us.

We hope you are well!

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